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Call for donations to provide emergency humanitarian aid to families affected by floods in the province of Banteay Meanchey, Cambodia

19 Oct

AEC-Foyer Lataste needs your support in order to assist our beneficiaries directly affected by the floods in the Banteay Meanchey province. 

According to the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) of Cambodia, the floods of the last two weeks have killed 18 people, including 8 children. 19 of the country’s 25 provinces are affected, with the worst affected being Battambang, Pursat, Banteay Meanchey and the capital Phnom Penh. 

More than 210,000 people are affected and nearly 25,000 people have been displaced to safety. Many roads, bridges and canals have been flooded and damaged and several schools are inaccessible and therefore are closed again, but also more than 137,000 hectares of rice fields are flooded, threatening the most vital livelihoods. Several rainy days are still expected until the end of October. These are the most violent floods observed in the last ten years. 

In Banteay Meanchey, six districts have been reached with nearly 15,000 people affected and 2,700 displaced, and 12 schools have closed. Several dams are about to fail on the border with Thailand, exacerbating flooding in the region.

Assisting vulnerable families living in extreme poverty 

Working as closely as possible with the beneficiaries of each of our programs, our team collects the data necessary to assess the situation of the families. Many of them have seen their homes destroyed because they were flooded. Their movements are largely limited, not being able to go to work or to the market to buy food. Their crops are partly destroyed and threaten the yields of future harvests. 

AEC-Foyer Lataste aims to distribute emergency food aid and drinking water. In cooperation with the local authorities, it will be possible for our team to go to the disaster sites and assist the hard-hit communities. 

The consequences of the floods will be experienced in the long term. The people living in the villages have no insurance and have to cope with the costs of repairs and lost rice field yields with their lower or often non-existent savings. 

Financial needs: 1,000 Euros

The financial needs are 1,000 euros, corresponding to an envelope of 50 euros of assistance per family, which can be adjusted according to needs. In a non-exhaustive way, this money can be used to buy several gallons of drinking water, a 25Kg bag of rice and dry food that can be easily preserved such as canned products. The aid can depend on the basic needs of each person depending on the water damage. It can therefore also concern contribution for hygiene products or any sanitary aid, as well as small repairs for the house or any other necessary material.

20 Euros = 1 bag of 25 KG of rice for 3 months
50 Euros = 1 bag of 25 KG of rice for 3 months, various dry food and potable water

Every donation is precious! Find all the details by clicking here !

Project led by Solène Zech, Field coordinator

Journalistic sources and image: Khmer Times

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